Walnut processing technology

Successful processing with the best technology: Our walnut processing technology guarantees simple and fast nut processing.

Walnut processing technology from Feucht Obsttechnik

Utilise our experience in all processes of nut processing.

Walnuts have always been known for their health-promoting effects. A particular benefit of the robust power pack is that they can be integrated into every meal or eaten as a snack. With the help of our walnut processing technology we simplify the processing of walnuts: Simply and quickly.

Thanks to our know-how in walnut processing technology, we can construct walnut cracking production lines for any quantity.
We have been involved in the manufacture of walnut processing technology for several generations. The streamlining of fruit harvesting with the highest quality demands on the harvested fruit in terms of cleanliness and picking rate has become the selling point of our equipment for fruit harvesting. By constantly developing innovative fruit harvesting and walnut processing technology products, we have established ourselves as the market leader in Europe.

We are a complete supplier in all areas of walnut processing technology. Complete systems for nut processing including washing, drying, calibration, and even cracking and sorting. Efficient in every production step.

Walnut processing technology from Feucht Obsttechnik

The process of walnut refinement (walnut processing technology) starts at:

Harvesting walnuts
Fruit picking machines for harvesting nuts
The fruit picking machines manufactured by Feucht Obsttechnik are suitable for harvesting walnuts in large quantities from nut plantations
Transporting nuts
Conveyor systems for nuts
The conveyor systems are designed for the transport of nuts. The transport belts can transport nuts in different steps of the processing process, including harvesting, before or after washing or sorting.
Washing and removing raw shells
Machines for cleaning nuts

After harvesting, the walnuts must be washed free of raw shells, leaves, branches, and similar items using nut washing machines. The walnuts pass through a rotary drum with water jets for efficient cleaning. We offer various models according to the size of your fields and the amount of your walnut harvest.
Dividing and separating nuts
Machines for separating nuts
During dividing and separating, the nut cores are separated from the outer shells or empty nuts are separated from the full-fledged nuts using a blower. Depending on the size of the nut plantation and walnut harvest, we offer different blowers for dividing and separating.
Sorting nuts
Machines for sorting nuts
Selection or sorting tables can be used to separate broken or wormy nuts from high-quality nuts. In addition, the shells of the nut cores can be divided and nut halves as well as nuts not cracked can be sorted out. Our sorting belts are infinitely adjustable and thus guarantee excellent working conditions with the best possible harvest yield.
Drying nuts
Storage of the nuts in a nut dryer or nut storage
The drying of nuts is an important step in the process of walnut refinement. Quick drying prevents the nut cores from becoming mouldy or turning black. The nuts should be dried in a warm, dry air stream. The optimum drying time depends on the size and moisture content of the walnut. For drying the nuts, we offer special heating devices and multi-stage drying storage.
Measure the moisture content of the nuts
Measuring the moisture content of the nuts
Optimally dried nuts should have a residual moisture of approx. 6 – 12 % in the core. In order to determine if the nuts are completely dry, the residual moisture of the nuts must be measured with a moisture measuring device. Using the level of moisture, the ideal drying time is determined.
Calibrating nuts
Machines for sorting the nuts according to size
During calibration, the dried nuts are sorted according to size. Here the nuts pass through a rotating drum or round hole sieve. The calibration size and grading can be adjusted individually. A calibration contributes to a good cracking result, that is, as many fully cracked nuts as possible.
Cracking nuts
Separating nuts from shells
Professional walnut cracking machines separate the nut core from the shell. As a supplement to this, post-cracking machines and blowers can be used for shell removal. In this way a significant reduction of rework in nut processing can be achieved. Through these processes, between 40% and 80% half cores can be achieved.