Fruit sweeper/ Fruit blower

Clear drive paths and increase harvest productivity.

With fruit blowers and front sweepers, clear fruit between rows of trees.

A fruit sweeper or fruit blower can be used to clear the fruit lying on the ground or shaken off, from the drive paths.

With the powerful fruit blower, fruit can be blown away between rows of trees. Due to the powerful air stream, even large quantities of fruit can be blown away. The fruit blower is connected to the PTO shaft at the rear of the tractor.

With the Front Sweeper Professional, fruit can be cleared from the drive path before the tractor in juice fruit orchards. During this process, the fruit is swept to the right or left by the rotors. The fruit sweeper can be used with a trunk shaker or a trailer.

Fruit sweeper | Fruit blower

Fruit blower 1201

Clear fruit between the rows of trees.

The fruit blower is primarily used in intensive juice fruit orchards and is connected to the rear of the tractor on the PTO shaft. The blower blows away fruit between the rows of trees and blows it into the drive paths for harvesting. The blower has a very powerful air stream and is therefore able to blow away a lot of fruit. The fruit blower 1201 is available in two variants: with blower output right or left. The blowing nozzle can be extended in order to increase its reach.

Details on the fruit blower 1201


  • increase of harvest productivity
  • ideal for intensive juice fruit orchards
  • clearing out of drive paths
  • powerful air stream
  • available with blower output right or left
  • blowing nozzle optionally extendible or available shorter
  • hydraulic lifting of the blowing nozzle upon request

Technical data

150 cm
Range of air stream:
140 – 200 cm
1280 kg
Minimum performance of the tractor:
70 PS
  • extendible / shorter blowing nozzle
  • hydraulic lifting of the blowing nozzle

Front Sweeper Professional

Clearing of fruit from drive paths.

The Front Sweeper Professional is a tractor attachment with which drive paths can be cleared. During this process, the fruit is swept away to the left and right. Then other harvesting aids such as trunk shakers can be used to shake off the fruit or tractors with trailers to collect the harvested fruit.

Details on the Front sweeper Professional


  • clean drive paths
  • versatile use, such as with trunk shaker, transport trailer
  • low minimum tractor performance necessary
  • increase of harvest productivity
  • larger harvesting amount
  • suitable for intensive juice fruit orchard

Technical data

Pick-up width:
230 – 300 cm
approx. 450 kg
Tractor performance:
30 PS
Oil amount:
18 – 80 l
Fruit types:
Apples, walnuts, hazelnuts, pears, citrus fruits, etc.
Standard for CAT 1 or 2 on the front hydraulics