Fruit harvesting technology

Achieve quality results in fruit harvesting and reduce harvesting costs.

Increase your productivity and profitability with our fruit harvesting technology.

The ongoing trend towards the mechanisation of labour-intensive and therefore expensive work processes does not spare agriculture.

In times when fruit juice drinks are becoming more and more popular, automation of juice fruit harvesting is increasingly becoming the focus of economically thinking fruit growers.

In order to economically harvest and profitably market the juice fruit from domestic orchards against the increasing competition from so-called low-wage countries, it is an obvious idea to purchase a fruit picking device (fruit collecting machine). More than 30 years ago, we made it our mission to meet these special needs.

Located in the middle of the protected orchards of Württemberg, the family business from Erbstetten has become the European market leader in fruit harvesting technology for apples, pears, plums and walnuts. Streamlining the fruit harvesting process with the highest quality requirements for the harvested fruit in terms of cleanliness, integrity and picking rate is the selling point of our machines.

Shakers | Fruit picking machines | Fruit blowers

Fruit picking machines

The picking apples, pears, or walnuts is possible with the picking machines and collecting machines even under the most extreme conditions, for example with moisture, mulch grass, high grass and with leaves. The machines have excellently passed practical tests in knee-high, leafy and autumn damp grass.

Thanks to their sophisticated drive technology, slopes with a gradient of up to 35° are no longer an insurmountable obstacle (up to 45° with differential lock). Depending on the operating conditions and fruit density, the self-propelled fruit harvesting devices transport between 1 – 8 tonnes of fruit per hour to the collecting vessels.

Fruit picking machines


To pick the juice fruit with a fruit picking machine or fruit collecting machine, it must be shaken. This activity is particularly time-consuming and exhausting when done by hand. In order to also adjust the shaking of the trees to the harvest performance of the picking machines / collecting machines, we offer various shaking systems / shakers.


Fruit sweeper/ Fruit blower

There are 2 ways to clear the fruit shaken from the tree from the path.
With the front sweepers you can rake the fruit away to the left and right. It is used to clear the way for other vehicles (fruit harvesting machines).

The fruit blower is used to blow away the fruit between the rows of trees. Thanks to the strong air stream, even large quantities of fruit are blown away quickly and easily.

Fruit sweeper/ Fruit blower