Nut drying

Profit from our know-how in nut processing and increase your productivity in all processes.

Dry nuts gently.

Preserve walnuts with drying devices.

The drying is an important process and must be carried out very precisely. The drying process determines how long the walnuts can be stored. Thus, quick drying prevents the nuts from becoming black or even mouldy. During the drying process, the nuts are preserved in dry storage in a warm, dry air stream.

For the drying process, we offer various drying storage, depending on the nut harvest. The nuts are dried gently and quickly.

Machines for drying nuts from Feucht Obsttechnik

Mini Dryer

The gentle drying storage with expandable capacity.

With the Mini Dryer, up to 40 litres of nuts can be dried. For this, an adjustable fan heater generates a warm, uniform air stream (36°). The fan heater is directly connected to the drying storage. A flap allows the moisture of the nuts to be monitored throughout the process. This means that the Mini Dryer can be used to achieve an excellent drying result.

The dry nuts are then emptied through a large outlet. The Mini Dryer has 2 stages. The capacity of the drying storage can be increased with an expansion (contains 2 levels).

Details on the Mini Dryer


  • adjustable temperature
  • constant moisture monitoring possible
  • up to 40 l dried nuts every 24 hours
  • expandable drying capacity (additional 80 l/24 h expandable with attachment)
  • simple operation
  • very easy transport due to low weight

Technical data

Mini Dryer Expansion for Mini Dryer
Length: 45 cm 45 cm
Width: 48 cm 48 cm
Height: 110 cm 70 cm
Weight: 28.5 kg 20 kg
Performance: >1 kW / 2.5 kW >1 kW / 2.5 kW
Capacity: 1x 40 l/24h 2x 40 l/24h
Flow rate: 40 l/24h 80 l/24h
Scope of delivery: 1x dryer (building kit)
1x fan heater
1x crate 40 ltr.
Delivery as building kit

Maxi Dryer

The powerful and automated drying storage.

Thanks to the Maxi Dryer, large quantities of nuts can be dried in a short time and with very good quality. Up to 1,000 litres of dried nuts can be produced approximately every 24 hours. During the drying process, the nuts are stored on 3 different height levels.

The lower level is the outlet used to empty the dry nuts. Then, both of the upper stages are opened so that the nuts fall down one level. The upper level can be filled with fresh nuts. The air stream is generated with a gas heater and a blower on the rear of the drying storage. The moisture of the nut can be checked using our additionally available moisture meter.

Details on the Maxi Dryer


  • uniform drying through various levels
  • thermostat for automatic switching of the gas heater
  • temperature control
  • uniform ventilation
  • large capacity
  • powerful propane gas heater

Technical data

Length: 120 cm
Width: 120 cm
Height: 272 cm
Weight: 200 kg
Performance: 15 – 30 kW with propane gas heater
Capacity: 2,100 l
Flow rate: Up to 1000 l/24h
Scope of delivery: 1x dryer as building kit 1x propane gas heater
Optional: Nut moisture meter