OB 50 and OB 70

With these harvesting devices, a significant increase in productivity can be achieved in the short juice fruit harvesting season, while at the same time increasing profitability.

Fruit picking machine or fruit collecting machine OB 50 and OB 70

They are the smallest and most inexpensive fruit picking machines or fruit collecting machines in the world.

The picking machines / collecting machines are similar in their dimension to very strong, small road sweepers. They are very easy to use and with them fruit harvesting is really fun. They are suitable for use in orchards as well as on plantations.

The easy-to-operate device has a very good collection performance of up to 99 %, depending on the soil conditions. The rubber rotor, of which the speed is infinitely variable, picks up the fruit and conveys it broadly into the inserted plastic basket, which is removed to the rear.

OB 50 and OB 70 from Feucht Obsttechnik


OB 50 and OB 70

Pick and sort fruit with 50 or 70 cm work width.

With the hand-operated OB 50 or 70 you can pick different kinds of fruit such as apples or pears. Nuts can also be harvested with an optional nut kit. In addition, an operating hours counter is available. When collecting/picking, work is always carried out from the outside towards the tree trunk. For individual trees clockwise, so that the support wheel and the left drive wheel always run outside. In this way, no fruits are squashed by the wheels. If there are a lot of leaves or mulched grass, the working speed is 0.5 – 3 km/h, as the best cleaning quality is then achieved. In other conditions it can be operated at a much higher speed.

Details on the OB 50 and OB 70


  • very manoeuvrable and clearly arranged, due to short, compact design
  • very good cleaning of the fruit from leaves and grass
  • the steel parts are coated with plastic. Compared with conventional coatings, a much higher mechanical stability and UV resistance is achieved
  • optimum grass length between 15 – 25 cm
  • our machines achieve the highest picking rates / collection rates (almost 100 %) without damaging the fruit through the gentlest picking of the rubber lips at minimum and maximum fruit density. during the picking or collection process, the fruit is cleaned of leaves and grass and is cleaned as if by hand
  • the device is very easy-to-operate

Technical data

OB 50 OB 70
Work width:
50 cm 70 cm
6.5 PS Honda motor with electronic ignition
3 forward gears / 1 reverse gear
Up to 7 km/h
Loading volumes:
3 x 40 l fruit basket
3 x 35 l fruit basket
120 cm 145 cm
90 cm 110 cm
121 cm 121 cm
116 kg 152 kg
Height adjustment:
On front wheel with mechanical adjustment
Picking performance:
Up to 1.5 tonnes per hour / up to 2.5 tonnes per hour depending on the amount of fruit deposits
Individual farms, communes, associations
Fruit types:
Apples, pears, citrus fruits, walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, etc.
Rear: 4.00-4,
Front: 3.50-4
Rear: 16 x 6.50-8, Front: 3.50-4
Nut kit for nut harvesting
Operational hour counter