Sorting nuts

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Separating nuts.

Cleanly sort nuts with sorting belts.

The sorting table is used at the end of the walnut production line. This ensures that nothing but the whole nuts enter the drying phase. Sorting tables for nuts offer a safe and efficient way to remove the last bits of undesired dirt from the nut harvest. Sorting belts can likewise be used in order to sort broken or wormy nuts from high-quality nuts manually.

The sorting table is available in two designs, according to the requirement of the customer.

Machines for sorting nuts from Feucht Obsttechnik

Sorting belt

Sorting nuts with sorting tables.

With the help of sorting tables the wormy, poor nuts are sorted from the good nuts.The sorting belts are ergonomically developed and thus very comfortable for the user. The working height and optionally the belt speed are adjustable. This means that the sorting tables can be optimally adapted. The white conveyor belt creates a good contrast to the nuts.

The sorting table is available in 2 versions: ECO or Standard. These are differentiated mostly through a separation of the good from the poor nuts or through adjustable speed.

Details on the sorting belt


  • speed reduction with a worm gear
  • easy maintenance
  • work height and belt speed variably adjustable
  • white conveyor belt ensures visual comfort
  • ergonomically developed and thus comfortable for the user

Technical data

Eco Standard
215 cm bis 315 cm 215 cm bis 315 cm
41 cm (67 cm including drive) 51 cm (77 cm including drive)
83 cm to 127 cm 83 cm to 127 cm
approx. 100 kg
approx. 100 kg
Separation of good / poor nuts:
Speed regulation: