Mowers front-mounted CAT 0

High mowing speed and a perfect cut

Mowing deck front-mounted CAT 0

With the new Feucht mowing deck, grass conditions up to 100 cm in height can be cut with a “traditional” compact tractor.

The highgrass mower CAT 0 or CAT 1 + 2 bolts is attached to the front side of the compact tractor. Thanks to the specially developed “double mulch blade”, an ideal cutting pattern is achieved with high grass conditions as well as with low grass heights. In addition, the decomposition of the mown material is accelerated thanks to the very good shredding of the grass cuttings.
The front mower has a rear tray which minimises the risk of danger from hitting stones.

The mowing deck is available in work widths of 125, 140, 150 or 170 cm, suitable for tractors with front hydraulics CAT 0 or CAT 1 + 2 bolts.

Mowing deck front-mounted CAT 0 from Feucht Obsttechnik

Mowing deck front-mounted CAT 0

The Feucht mowing deck in the front mount combines 4 benefits in one machine.

  • very good shredding of cuttings
  • high mowing speed
  • low power need
  • best cutting pattern

Details about the mowing deck front-mounted CAT 0


  • low power need
  • hydraulic cylinder for tipping to clean the deck
  • danger of hitting stones eliminated thanks to rear tray
  • high mowing speed
  • best cutting pattern with high and low grass conditions
  • suitable for tractors with front hydraulics CAT 0
  • robust construction
  • unique service position, that is, the mower can be swivelled through 80 degrees using a hydraulic cylinder
  • this position optimises the cleaning of the mower, as the grass seed must be removed after highgrass mowing before mowing in parks, for example
  • furthermore, service work, such as lubrication, blade change, or the sharpening of the blades are clearly simplified
  • this significantly shortens make-ready times and eliminates the risk of accidents thanks to the safe position
  • self-tensioning V-belt

Technical data

Work width:
125 cm, 140 cm or 170 cm
Mowing blade:
6 mulch blades (specially made)
Overall width:
125 cm / 145 cm / 175 cm
Motor performance:
up to 70 PS thanks to double V-belt