Highgrass between axle mowing deck

High mowing speed and a perfect cut

Highgrass between axle mowing deck.

With the new Feucht highgrass between axle mowing decks, grass conditions of up to 100 cm in height can be mowed.

DThis highgrass mower is attached between the axles of John Deere lawn tractors. This means the mower is carried by the lawn tractor. The highgrass between axle mowing deck reliably mows grass conditions of up to 100 cm and thus creates a clean cutting pattern. The very good shredding of the grass cuttings promotes rapid decomposition.

For this, the mowing deck works with double mulch blades.

Highgrass between axle mowing deck from Feucht Obsttechnik

Highgrass between axle mowing deck

The Feucht between axle mowing decks for John Deere combine four strengths in one machine.

  • very good shredding of cuttings
  • low power need
  • best cutting pattern
  • high mowing speed

Details on the highgrass between axle mowing decks


  • low power need
  • mowing deck suitable for many John Deere lawn tractors
  • best processing quality

Technical data

Work width:
100 cm / 125 cm / 140 cm
Mowing blade:
6 mulch blades (specially made)
Overall width:
104 cm / 129 cm / 145 cm