Mowing decks for John Deere

High mowing speed and a perfect cut

Mowing decks for John Deere tractors.

The mowing deck for John Deere for high grass conditions.

The mowing decks developed by Feucht are suitable for the care of green areas in fruit gardens, meadows, Christmas trees farms, vineyards, or lawns. The mowers are available in different cutting widths for various John Deere lawn tractors.

With the mowing decks, grass with a height of up to 100 cm can be mowed. The mowers are impressive due to their innovative technology with double mulch blades. These ensure a clean cutting pattern and shred the grass optimally for rapid decomposition. You will find an exact device overview of John Deere tractors and suitable mowers further down on this page.

Mowing decks for John Deere from Feucht Obsttechnik

Highgrass mowing decks for John Deere

The mowing decks for John Deere combine 4 strengths in one machine.

  • low power need
  • high mowing speed
  • best cutting pattern
  • very good shredding of cuttings

Details on mowing decks for John Deere tractors

Benefits during mowing

  • mowing quality and cut is very clean with short and long grass (100 cm)
  • the cutting deck cannot clog and is very resistant toward rain or moisture, because the cutting space under the deck is very large
  • no problem with hitting stones, because the ejection goes to the rear and is sealed with transport belt rubber
  • low power requirement in relation to work width and grass height
  • mowing of trees is possible on the left or right side thanks to the rear discharge
  • mulched material length between 3 and 5 cm
  • extremely fast mowing speeds possible up to 7 – 8 km for X 300-540 and 10 – 12 km for X 700
  • Areas of use: fruit gardens, meadows, extensively used green areas, Christmas tree farms, vineyards, lawns

Technical benefits

  • exclusivity for John Deere
  • 4-fold mounted knife shafts
  • rotated professional tension roller
  • grey iron pulleys
  • high temperature-resistant V-belts
  • steel blade flange with large flange plate
  • cutter axle, can be lubricated
  • shear bolts with 12.9 quality screws on the blades. With breakage there is always a screw piece overhanging and this can be unscrewed.
  • sheet thickness of the deck 4 mm
  • over-dimensioned pre-tension of the V-belts with springs (maintenance-free)
  • the main V-belt is pre-tensioned with a tolerance of 15 mm

Overview of mowers

Tractor type
HGM JD LT HGM JD LX HGMJD 1000 HGMJD 1250 HGMJD 1250 drive HGMJD 1400 drive HGMJD Front 1500 HGMJD Front
LX 188 / 178 X
LX 280 / 289 X
GT 235 / 245 X
GX 355 X
LT 190 X
X 3-Serie X X
X 5-Serie
X (from 22 PS)
X 495 / 595 / 7-Serie / 9-Serie X X
455 X X
415 X
Zeroturn Mäher Z425 /  Z525E / Zeroturn Mäher Z645 / Z540R X
Traktor 2520 oder 3520 X X