Measuring moisture

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Determine the optimal drying time using the residual moisture of the nuts.

Measure degree of moisture of the nuts with the moisture meter.

The degree of moisture of the nuts is significant for the optimal drying time. At the end of the drying process the nut cores should have a residual moisture of approx. 6 – 12 % and have lost up to 50 % of their own weight.

To determine the degree of moisture of the nuts, moisture meters are used. These determine the percentage of moisture in the nuts. The moisture measurements are then used to determine whether the nuts are completely dried or whether the drying process must be extended.

The moisture meter is often used in combination with the Maxi dryer, multi-level drying storage or helicoidal and centrifugal dryer.

Machines for moisture measurement from Feucht Obsttechnik

Moisture meter for nuts

Measuring the degree of moisture in the nuts for optimal drying.

Using the moisture meter the residual moisture of the nuts can be determined quickly and simply. For this purpose, the nuts to be dried are broken into smaller pieces of approx. 10 – 15 mm.

The shell and core pieces are then placed in the measuring chamber as a sample. The lid is closed and in a few seconds the degree of moisture is determined. For a very exact and representative measuring result, the measuring process should be repeated 3 times. The moisture meter can be used for nuts and types of grains.Preferably the moisture meter is used with our drying devices Maxi dryer, multi-stage drying storage, centrifugal or helicoidal dryer.

Details on the moisture meter for nuts


  • illuminated, multi-language display
  • contains protective carrying bag with shoulder strap
  • measuring the degree of moisture for optimal drying time
  • moisture meter for approx. 40 different nuts and cores
  • Temperature range: 4 – 43°C
  • Repeatability and accuracy: ± 0.5 % in the normal degree of moisture
  • storage function of the measurements
  • very simple operation

Technical data

10 cm
7 cm
18 cm
Type of drive:
  • as a stand-alone measuring device
  • in combination with the Maxi dryer, multi-level drying storage or helicoidal and centrifugal dryer