OB 100 A (all-wheel drive)

With these harvesting devices, a significant increase in productivity can be achieved in the short juice fruit harvesting season, while at the same time increasing profitability.

Fruit picking machine or fruit collecting machine OB 100 A (all-wheel drive)

The OB 100 A is a self-driving riding picking machine for contractors or agricultural machinery cooperatives.

A device with 23 PS and 100 cm work width (with additional plantation rotor correspondingly more). It is equipped with a 700 l bunker, the overloading height of which is 2.50 m. This device is always equipped with all-wheel drive. The hydraulic radial piston motors provide very good drive power in sloping positions.

This fruit picking machine or fruit collecting machine can easily harvest 1,000 to 2,000 t of juice fruit making it suitable for the real professional. Due to the large tyres, OB 100 A achieves good lateral stability on slopes.

OB 100 A from Feucht Obsttechnik

OB 100 A

Perfectly adapted to your own needs with optional accessories.

For contractors or agricultural machinery cooperatives, we offer this self-driving ride-on fruit picking machine / fruit collecting machine OB 100 A with all-wheel drive and 100 cm work width. The OB 100 A can be equipped with a number of accessories.

Details on the OB 100 A


  • three-wheel drive for fruit intake even on extreme slopes
  • maximal traction is achieved thanks to the optionally available differential lock
  • very agile and transparent, thanks to a short, compact construction
  • fully hydraulic mini steering with the lowest force need
  • can be used in plantations and orchards with the utility model protected plantation rotor with optimum ground hugging and serrated rotor. This means a picking rate or collection rate of more than 99% is achieved
  • the plantation rotor can be swivelled hydraulically to the right and the left
  • the speed of the plantation rotor is infinitely variable
  • the plantation rotor is height adjustable via a sliding skid and adapts exactly to the ground conditions
  • 100% cleaning of the fruit from grass and leaves
  • ergonomic sitting position due to inclined and suspended seat with 100% view of the picking unit and fruit bunker
  • infinitely variable adjustment of the operating elements
  • maintenance-free electromagnetic coupling for the receiving unit
  • steel parts are phosphated and plastic-coated. compared with conventional coatings, a much higher mechanical stability and UV resistance is achieved
  • central adjustment of the harvesting cover for large and small fruit
  • drive pedals for forward and backward drive with direction display
  • 100% filling of the fruit bunker
  • powerful, particularly quiet motor (30% capacity)
  • optimal grass length: 15 – 25 cm
  • our machines achieve the highest picking rates / collection rates (almost 100%) without damaging the fruit through the gentlest possible picking of the rubber lips. It does not matter whether there is a lot or little fruit. during the picking or collection process, the fruit is cleaned of grass and leaves 100 % and is cleaned as if by hand
  • can also be used in high ground moisture conditions due to its low weight and wide off-road tyres

Technical data

Work width:
100 cm
Work width with rotor:
1 Rotor: 235 cm to 280 cm
2 rotors: 380 cm to 465 cm
23 PS Briggs & Stratton V-twin 2-cylinder petrol motor with electrical starter, electrical ignition, oil filter and alternator
Hydrostatic drive with 3 wheel motors and differential, infinitely variable driving speed 0 – 17 km/h (forward and reverse)
Fruit bunker volumes:
700 l
Belt drive fruit intake with electromagnetic coupling and infinitely variable speed adjustment of the intake roller
Unloading height:
250 cm
Overload depth:
90 cm (distance from machine to outer edge of bunker)
420 cm
175 cm
141 cm
Picking performance:
Up to 8 tonnes per hour depending on the amount of fruit deposits
800 kg
Types of fruit:
Apples, pears, walnuts, hazelnuts, citrus fruits, etc.
Rear: 23 x 10.50-12, Front: 20 x 10.00-8
Operational hours counter for drive unit
Infinitely variable hydraulic driven plantation rotor
Plantation rotor right
Plantation rotor left
Diesel motor
Big bag holder
Work illumination
Rotating beacon
Nut kit for nuts (e.g. walnuts or hazelnuts)
Optionally also available with a large crate trolley (2 or 5 crates)