OB 80 hydro

With these harvesting devices, a significant increase in productivity can be achieved in the short juice fruit harvesting season, while at the same time increasing profitability.

Fruit picking machine or fruit collecting machine OB 80 hydro

It has been manufactured for 15 years and sold with great success.

The fruit picking machine / fruit collecting machine OB 80 hydro has an 11 PS motor and a continuous hydraulic drive with differential lock, which is particularly helpful with extreme slopes (up to 45°). The device is equipped with mechanical steering and thus ensures particularly effort-saving work.

The easy-to-operate device has a very good collection performance / picking performance of up to 99% dependent on the soil conditions. The rubber rotor, the speed of which is infinitely variable, picks up the fruit and conveys it broadly into the two inserted plastic baskets, which are removed to the rear. Thanks to the use of sophisticated components, the device is very robust and guarantees many years of reliable operational readiness.

OB 80 hydro from Feucht Obsttechnik

OB 80 hydro

Expandability thanks to comprehensive accessories.

The OB 80 hydro is a hand-guided harvesting machine with 80 cm work width and hydrostat. The purchase of this fruit picking machine or fruit collecting machine is particularly suitable for the agricultural machinery cooperatives, but also for the farmer with medium-sized orchards. The OB 80 hydro can be equipped with a number of accessories.

Details on the OB 80 hydro


  • very agile thanks to short, compact construction and narrow steering lock
  • can be used in plantations and orchards with the utility model protected plantation rotor with optimum ground hugging and serrated rotor
  • very good cleaning of the fruit from grass and leaves
  • elevated fruit baskets with 70 cm height
  • replacement basket holder available for empty baskets
  • infinitely variable speed of the plantation rotor
  • phosphated and plastic-coated steel parts, therefore much higher mechanical stability and UV resistance
  • plantation rotor height adjustable via a wheel and adapts exactly to the ground conditions
  • the front wheel steering is connected to the right-hand operating handle via a linkage and requires operating forces of max. 5 kg
  • optimal grass length: 15 – 25 cm
  • low-noise level of the motor (30 % workload)
  • easy to start motor, which can also be started by women and young people
  • optional trailer draw bar and free-wheel for transport on the tractor
  • can also be used in high ground moisture conditions due to its low weight and wide off-road tyres

Technical data

Work width:
80 cm
Work width with rotor:
1 Rotor: 160 cm 
11 PS single cylinder Honda OHV / Briggs & Stratton, with electrical ignition
Continuously hydrostatic with differential lock
Loading volumes:
6 x 35 l fruit basket
Slope suitability:
Up to 45°
225 cm / 293 cm with pull draw bar for transport
152 cm
98 cm
Height adjustment:
Front wheel mechanical with lockable spindle
Picking performance:
2.5 – 4 tonnes per hour
312 kg
Fruit types:
Apples, pears, walnuts, hazelnuts, citrus fruits, etc.
Rear: 16 x 6.50-8, Front: 3.50-6
Operational hour counter
Infinitely variable driven plantation rotor with flow control valve
Free run for trailer operation
Nut kit (walnut or hazelnut)