Hazelnut drying

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Drying hazelnuts.

Use drying devices to preserve and store nuts.

After cleaning the hazelnuts, they must then be dried down to 6 – 12 % moisture in the core. This ensures that the nuts remain preserved for a long time and prevents the nuts from becoming mouldy or black.

In order to dry the hazelnuts, special drying devices or drying storage is used. Our hazelnut dryer works extremely gently and efficiently using an air-flow cylinder.

Machines for drying hazelnuts by Feucht Obsttechnik

Hazelnut dryer

Drying nuts efficiently and economically.

The drying device is particularly suitable for the drying of walnuts and hazelnuts. The drying of the nuts is done using an air-flow, double-walled cylinder. After filling the dryer, the temperature is set according to the nut (type and degree of moisture).

The careful and fast nut drying ensures high-energy efficiency. Thanks to its small size and low height, the dryer can also be used in particularly narrow and small spaces. The hazelnut dryer can be filled using a conveyor belt or a conveyor blower. The dry storage is available in various sizes.

Details on the hazelnut dryer


  • ideal for hazelnuts and walnuts
  • available in various capacities
  • even low amounts can be dried without a problem
  • usable for organic grains (with a quick conversion)
  • high-energy efficiency
  • filling using conveyor belt or conveyor blower
  • simultaneous drying thanks to double-walled cylinder with good hot air circulation
  • adjustable temperature

Technical data

* dependent on model and moisture

160 cm – 330 cm *
220 cm – 400 cm *
ca. 350 – 860 kg *
220 V (smaller versions); 380 V (large version)
Necessary kW:
3 – 5 kW *
Flow rate:
1000 – 2000 – 3000 – 4000 kg * per day
Fruit types:
Walnuts, hazelnuts