Fruit shaker OS

With these machines, a noticeable increase in shaking performance is achieved and this means a significant reduction in harvesting costs.

With the fruit shaker OS you can save 30% time.

Handling the cable shaker is easy to learn. The fruit shaker has been on the market for over 20 years and has been sold more than 5,500 times.

The fruit shaker OS is a 3-point cable shaker. It is attached in the front or the rear on the tractor and driven via the PTO shaft. The 54 kg device is normally equipped with a 10 m long steel cable that is hooked into the main branches of the crown. Then, the cable is tensioned and the shaking process can begin.

With a cable shaker you can pick the apples from the tree quickly and effortlessly. The loop of the steel cable is hung in each apple tree one to five times starting from the ground. The purchase of the very inexpensive and robust fruit shaker is already worthwhile for farmers who own only a few fruit trees.

This is supported by business management aspects (around 30% time savings), but above all by the ease of work. Anyone who has ever shaken large apple trees manually knows that this is an extremely exhausting task. There is also the risk of falling from the tree.

Fruit shaker from Feucht Obsttechnik

Fruit shaker OS

For trunk diameters of 5 to 25 cm (as well as large high-trunk trees).

Simple operation, versatile, and price performance come together. The OS fruit shaker not only shakes particularly efficiently due to the pulling movement of the cable, but is also very gentle on the trunk due to the fastening strap. With the optional telescopic rod, branches up to 6 m can be shaken, which otherwise could only be reached with a ladder. The optional cable pulley can be used to shake up to 2 trees at the same time in intensive juice fruit orchards. The tractor must have at least 15 PS.

Details on the fruit shaker OS


  • simple attachment to the front or rear PTO shaft on each tractor (category 1 or higher)
  • shake up to 20 trees per hour
  • draw bar coupling for up to 1.5 t (not road legal)
  • robust bearing dimensions (2,800 kg)
  • most stable tubular frame and most stable constructional design on the market for connecting rods and drive parts
  • steel parts are phosphated and plastic-coated. compared with conventional coatings, a much higher mechanical stability and UV resistance is achieved
  • the shaking process lasts approx. 3 to 5 minutes for a large high-trunk tree and reduces the work time by at least 90% and the effort required to a minimum

Technical data

Minimum performance of the tractor:
15 PS
Cable length:
normally 10 m; other lengths upon request
Cable diameter:
8 mm, other diameters depending on the type of fruit
Clamping area:
max. 25 cm (40 cm)
54 kg
Shaking performance:
20 trees/h
Optional accessories:
Operational hour counter
PTO shaft
Double rope pulley (see image)
Ball head coupling