Mowing robot accessories

A classic, high-quality design element for the garden

Made of polished stainless steel

Smart mowing robots simplify garden work greatly. However, in order to be able to use the automated lawnmower robots as long as possible, they should be protected from weather and environmental influences.
With the carports and garages for the remote-controlled lawnmower, the service life can be extended considerably. Thus, the carport or garage fits seamlessly into every beautiful garden and is a true design element. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship and choice of materials, you and your robot will enjoy things together for a long time.

Mowing robot carports & garages

Carports for mowing robots

Protection from the weather

The carport is the most economical version of our accessories for lawn robots. The carport offers protection against external weather influences such as, sun, rain, snow, or hail.
The carport is fixed into the ground with massive ground anchors. The carport is made of high-quality, polished stainless steel and is thus rust-free, easy to clean, and resistant to scratches and signs of use. The carport also stands out for its long service life because, unlike plastic, it is very insensitive to UV radiation.

Photos of the carport for mowing robots

Carport for mowing robots with hinged lid

Comfort, design and protection against environmental influences.

The carport with lid is a convenient protection for the remote-controlled lawn robot. Thanks to its hinged lid, the lawn robot can be operated quickly and easily. In addition, it protects the mower from external influences such as, sun, snow, rain, or hail.

The carport with hinged lid is fixed into the ground with massive ground anchors. The practical design element is rust-free, can be cleaned easily thanks to its smooth, polished surface, and is robust against scratches and signs of use. The polished stainless steel is impressive with its long service life.

Photos of the carport for mowing robots with hinged lid

Garage for mowing robotsr

Long service life and maximal protection.

The garage offers the lawn robot all round maximum protection. Equipped with an electric garage door with a timer, the lawn robot can be adjusted intelligently, so that it can charge at night. The garage is a closed unit which protects the mowing robots against any environmental influences.

Thanks to the hinged and lockable lid, the robot is easy to reach at any time and nevertheless very well protected. The garage is secured on the ground thanks to ground anchors. The housing is made of rust-free, polished stainless steel.

Photos of the garage for mowing robots

Technical data

Carport (with or without lockable lid) Garage with electric door
91 cm 110 cm
63.6 cm 73 cm
35 cm 49.5 cm
Entry width:
63 cm
Entry height:
35 cm
Polished stainless steel
Polished stainless steel
Sheet thickness:
2 mm 2 mm
Grain size:
240 240
Suitable for:
All common Husqvarna lawn robots and many more
For types: 430, 435X AWD, 535X and smaller models


For problem-free parking of the mowing robot even without a guide cable.

The ROBO-BOX is available so that the lawn robot can be charged and safely stowed away after work. The ROBO-BOX offers all round protection against environmental influences such as sun, rain, and hail.

The garage has an electric timer and lid which opens upward with an electric hoist motor. This ensures that the robot moves in and out perfectly, even without guide cables. Driving in sideways is possible. In addition, the timer can be intelligently adjusted so as to charge at night, for example. Thanks to the hinged and lockable lid, the ROBO-BOX likewise provides protection against theft. The garage is secured on the ground thanks to ground anchors. The housing is primed and coated.

Details on the ROBO-BOX


  • problem-free parking of various lawn robots is ensured. functions perfectly for robots with or without a guide cable
  • secure protection against theft thanks to lockable lid
  • protection against environmental and weather influences
  • completely hinged thanks to a hoist motor, whereby even during parking, adjustments can be made to the lawn robot
  • the opening and closing of the lid are programmable with a timer the charging process can be intelligently adjusted
  • is fixed into the ground with massive ground anchors
  • the housing is primed and coated

Technical data

12.8 cm
80 cm
39.5 cm
electric hoist motor
Primed and coated
Sheet thickness:
2 mm (Housing above or lid)
6 mm (Ground)
Suitable for:
Husqvarna grass motors