Walnut hand cracker

Successful processing with the best technology: Get the best cracking results quickly and easily with our walnut hand cracker.

Walnut hand cracker

Using the nut cracking machine, up to 90 % of the nuts can be cracked in the first cracking pass.

Nuts are known not only for their health-promoting effects, but also can be integrated into practically any meal, or enjoyed as a snack. Using a walnut hand cracker (also suitable for hazelnuts) the nuts can be cracked easily and quickly with a hand cracking machine.

We have also developed the walnut hand cracker “WAL MAN”. It is a hand-operated, simple, inexpensive and continuously automatic walnut hand cracking machine (suitable also for hazelnuts) with a high level of nut cracking. When cracking, you get a very clean cracking result (walnut: 10 – 15 % half cores and with very good quality of the nuts 20 – 40 % half cores; Hazelnut: 70 – 80 % whole cores). The nuts should be pre-calibrated, large-medium-small, in order to achieve a perfect result. Using the walnut hand cracker SMALL, you can crack up to 15 kg/h of nuts and with the normal model up to 30 kg/h. The functional principle of the walnut hand cracker is simple: After the inlet gate is filled with nuts, the crank is turned to the left and the right like a swing.

After the operation, the cracked nuts (cores, shells, and partially cracked nuts) can be collected at the discharge point by positioning a container. The walnut cracker WAL MAN is available in two versions, which differ in the cracking capacity. An electric motor or mechanical drive is also available for the WAL MAN. The hand cracker can also be combined with a shell remover.

We have been active in the field of fruit harvesting technology for several generations and are also a competent partner in the field of nut processing technology and mowing technology. Through the development of constantly innovative products we have become the market leader in Europe regarding fruit harvesting technology / mowing technology and nut processing technology.

In addition to our walnut hand cracker, we also offer mechanical nut crackers, and we are also a complete supplier in all areas of nut processing: washing, drying, calibrating and cracking (pre-cracking, removing shells, post-cracking, sorting and core calibrating).