Hazelnut hand cracker

Successful processing with the best technology: With our hazelnut hand cracker you get the best cracking results simply and quickly.

Hazelnut hand cracker from Feucht Obsttechnik

Hazelnut growing: Success with knowledge, experience, and mechanisation.

Nuts have always been known for their health-promoting effects. A particular benefit of the robust power pack is that they can be integrated into every meal or eaten as a snack. With the help of a hazelnut hand cracker (suitable also for walnuts), the nuts can be cracked simply and quickly with a hand cracking machine.

The hazelnut hand cracker “WALMAN” is a hand-operated, simple, economical and continuous automatic hazelnut hand cracking machine (suitable also for walnuts) with a high level of nut cracking. The result is about 80 % broken and 20 % half cores, depending on the nut type and size. The nuts should be pre-calibrated, large-medium-small, in order to achieve a good result. This allows up to approximately 20 to 30 kg to be cracked with the hazelnut hand cracker per hour. The functional principle of the hazelnut hand cracker is simple: After filling the inlet gate with nuts, turn the crank to the right and left like you would do with a boat swing. After the operation, the cracked nuts (cores, shells, and partially cracked nuts) can be collected at the discharge point by positioning a container.
For several generations we have been active in the field of fruit harvesting technology and are also a competent partner for our customers in the field of nut processing technology and mowing technology. Through the development of constantly innovative products we have become the market leader in Europe regarding fruit harvesting technology / mowing technology and nut processing technology.

In addition to our hazelnut hand cracker, we also offer mechanical nut crackers, and we are also a complete supplier in all areas of nut processing: washing, drying, calibrating and cracking (pre-cracking, removing shells, post-cracking, sorting and core calibrating).