Trunk shaker

Using our trunk shakers you can shake larger fruit trees very effectively and quickly.

Trunk shaker from Feucht Obsttechnik

Using these devices, a noticeable increase in shaking performance is achieved and this means a significant reduction in harvesting costs.

To pick up the juice fruit with a fruit picking machine, it must be shaken. This activity is particularly time-consuming and exhausting when done by hand. In order to adapt the shaking of the trees to the harvest performance of the picking machines, apples, pears, plums, cherries, walnuts and other fallen fruit can be shaken from the tree quickly and effortlessly with our trunk shakers.

Mechanical trunk shakers are distinguished by a clamping area of approx. 5 to 25 cm. The shaking technology works on the basis of pushing and pressing the tree. It generates a larger shaking path and has a lower frequency in comparison to hydraulic shakers. The benefit of this technology is that the trees are more quickly shaken and pressure points on the trees are reduced.

Hydraulic trunk shakers are distinguished by a clamping area of approx. 5 to 65 cm. With extremely large trunk diameters, the tree can be shaken only once. The shaking technology functions with an imbalance in the shaking head and generates a short shaking path and a relatively high frequency in comparison with a mechanical trunk shaker.

We have been working in the field of fruit harvesting technology for several generations. The streamlining of fruit harvesting with the highest quality demands on the harvested fruit in terms of cleanliness and picking rate has become the selling point of our equipment for fruit harvesting. By continuously developing innovative products, we have established ourselves as the market leader in fruit harvesting technology in Europe.

Trunk shaker from Feucht Obsttechnik

Our shaker system (trunk shaker) for high-trunk trees, plantation trees, and intensive juice fruit orchards:

Mechanical trunk shaker
The best-price variant for smaller orchards. The shaker is driven by the tractor drive shaft. This must have at least 30 PS. The VHM trunk shaker is ideally suited for juice fruit orchards with apples, pears, cherries, etc.
Hydraulic trunk shaker
The FSI plantation shaker is suitable, for example, for harvesting smaller trees such as cherries, yellow plums, plums, apples or nuts or low-trunk orchards. Clamping the hydraulic clamps on the shaker head makes it much easier to attach the shaker to the tree. This results in enormous power and time savings, especially when shaking main branches. A telescopic rod with 1 x 100 cm stroke carries the shaking head of the trunk shaker to the tree to be shaken. This ensures sufficient distance from the tractor.
Hydraulic trunk shaker
The vibrating units are controlled by 2 hydraulic motors and this means achieving a dynamic start. The opening and closing, as well as the vibration and the orientation of the clamp is controlled via a joystick in the driver cabin. The tractor must have at least 80 PS.
Hydraulic trunk shaker
The FSC trunk shaker is ideally suited for high-trunk orchards. Using the trunk shaker, up to 75 trees per hour with diameters of up to 50 cm can be shaken. The shaker is telescopic up to 150 cm. The high-trunk shaker is operated with three double action hydraulic control devices and one simply functioning hydraulic control device, which must be available on the tractor. The oil supply of the tractor must be at least 35 l/min.
Hydraulic trunk shaker
The FS3 high-trunk shaker is suitable for shaking trees with trunk diameters of up to 50 cm such as cherries, yellow plums, nuts, plums or apples directly on the trunk. The long telescopic rod (3 x 100 cm) allows a distance of up to 600 cm from the tree trunk to the cover edge. This means that even trees in steep areas can be easily reached and the main branches of old, very large trees can be shaken easily and gently. Thanks to its compact design, the shaking head is flexible and easy to attach to every tree.
Hydraulic trunk shaker
The shaker FS13 is unique in that it can be used in high trunk as well as intensive plantations. The FSI3 can be used to shake trees with trunk diameters of up to 50 cm such as cherries, yellow plums, nuts, plums or apples directly on the trunk. The long telescopic arm (3 x 100 cm) allows a distance of up to 550 cm between the tree trunk and the cover edge. The shaking head of the FSI3 is very compact and this means it is flexible and easy to attach to any tree.
VHD / B / E
Hydraulic trunk shaker
The trunk shakers differ in terms of how they are controlled. This is done either via the tractor control device or the hydraulic control devices (mechanical / electrical) installed in the shakers. The VHB trunk shaker is delivered without a hydraulic control device. The VHD trunk shaker is equipped with a mechanical control device. The VHE trunk shaker has an electric control device. The essential construction of the trunk shakers is otherwise identical.
Hydraulic trunk shaker


The VHY trunk shaker can shake up to 75 trees per hour thanks to its swivelling shaking head. The hydraulic shaking head orientation makes the operator’s work easier and increases the efficiency of the trunk shaker. The powerful trunk shaker also reduces pressure points on the trees. The shaker is equipped with an electric control and an oil cooler.