Nut dryer

Optimisation of nut processing through pioneering technology: By using our drying storage or nut dryers, an economical drying of nuts is possible in the shortest possible time.

Nut dryer from Feucht Obsttechnik

Preserve nuts with drying storage or heating devices.

The health-promoting effect of nuts has long been known. The hearty energy packs are particularly distinguished by the fact that they can be integrated into practically any meal or can be eaten as a snack. By using our nut dryer, walnuts and hazelnuts can be dried uniformly after harvesting.

After washing, the nuts must be quickly dried. Drying not only ensures a high quality of the precious nut cores by preventing mould, but also a long shelf life of the nuts. The fresh nuts are dried in a warm, dry air stream with temperatures between 20° and 36° C up to a residual moisture of approx. 5 – 12%. The temperature control however depends on the size and the moisture content of the nut. For drying the nuts, we offer special heating devices and multi-stage drying storage.

In addition to our range of nut dryers or nut storage systems, we are a complete supplier in all areas of nut processing: washing, drying, calibrating and cracking (pre-cracking, removing shells, post-cracking, sorting and core calibrating).

Nut dryer from Feucht Obsttechnik

We offer various nut dryers or drying storage:

Multi-level drying storage
Dry nuts efficiently and economically
The multi-level drying storage system allows the nuts to dry uniformly by constant movement. The walnuts are pre-dried in the upper levels and finish drying in the lower levels. The drying capacity can be expanded through the addition of sections. The multi-level drying storage for nuts is equipped with several hinged doors and a central opening. In addition, the drying storage is available with helicoidal or centrifugal heating with different heating capacities depending on the size of the storage.
Maxi Dryer
Drying storage for large amounts
Thanks to the Maxi Dryer, large quantities of nuts can be dried in a short period of time and with excellent quality. Up to 1,000 litres of dried nuts can be produced approximately every 24 hours. In the drying process the nuts are stored on 3 different height levels. The lower level is the outlet used to empty the dry nuts. Then, both of the upper stages are opened so that the nuts fall down one level. The upper level can be filled with fresh nuts. The air stream is generated with a gas heater and a blower on the rear of the drying storage.
Mini Dryer
Drying storage with expandable capacity
Up to 40 l of nuts can be dried with the Mini Dryer. An adjustable fan heater produces a warm, even air stream (36°C). The fan heater is directly connected to the drying storage. A flap allows the moisture of the nuts to be monitored throughout the process. This means that the Mini Dryer can be used to achieve an excellent drying result. The dry nuts are then emptied through a large outlet. The Mini Dryer has 2 stages. The capacity of the drying storage can be increased with an expansion (contains 2 levels).
Centrifugal blower with gas heater
The heating device with hot air generator


The centrifuge is a powerful hot air generator for nut processing. This heating device can be used to dry nuts to a certain moisture level within a certain time. We offer a wide range of centrifugal drying devices with different heating capacities, adapted to the volume of the drying storage
Helicoil blower with gas heater
The Helicoil hot air generator
Indirectly fired air heating devices such as the Helicoil blower are optimal solutions for the provision of clean and dry amounts of air for the heating of drying storage. The Helicoil dryer is mounted on a carriage that allows easy relocation and versatile use. The centrifuge is available with different heating capacities depending on the scope of the drying storage.