Nut cracker

Successful processing with the best technology: Our nut crackers for walnuts and hazelnuts give you the best cracking results quickly and easily.

Nut crackers from Feucht Obsttechnik

These nut cracking machines can achieve a significant increase in productivity during walnut or hazelnut harvesting.

The health-promoting effect of nuts has long been known. The hearty energy packs are particularly distinguished by the fact that they can be integrated into practically any meal or can be eaten as a snack. Using a nut cracker (for walnuts or hazelnuts) the nuts can be cracked easily and quickly with a hand cracking machine or with mechanical nut crackers.

The mechanical nut crackers work without supervision and are very robustly constructed. Cracking walnuts is also possible without pre-calibration, but is recommended for optimum cracking results. Simple filling of the storage tank. The hand-operated nut cracker can be placed on the table on its own and cracking requires only a minimum of force.

For several generations we have been active in the field of fruit harvesting technology and are also a competent partner for our customers in the field of nut processing technology and mowing technology. Through the development of constantly innovative products we have become the market leader in Europe regarding fruit harvesting technology / mowing technology and nut processing technology.
Alongside our range of nut crackers, we are a complete supplier in all fields of nut processing: washing, drying, calibrating and cracking (pre-cracking, removing shells, post-cracking, sorting and core calibrating).

Nut crackers from Feucht Obsttechnik

We offer various nut crackers:

Hand cracking machine WAL MAN
Cracking of up to 30 kg/h
The WAL MAN is a manually operated, simple, inexpensive and continuously automatic hand cracking machine (nut cracker) for walnuts and hazelnuts with a high level of nut cracking. The cracking result is very good: Walnut: 10 – 15 % half cores and with top good quality walnuts 20 – 40 % half cores; Hazelnut: 70 – 80 % whole cores. The nuts should be pre-calibrated, large-medium-small, in order to achieve a good result. Up to 20 to 30 kg can be cracked per hour. The WAL MAN is also available with mechanical drive or electric motor.
Hand cracking machine WAL MAN SMALL
Cracking of up to 15 kg/h
The WAL MAN small is a hand-operated, economical and automated hand cracking machine and the smaller version of the WAL MAN. The nuts are cracked with the help of two plates: One rotates and the other is adjustable to the nut size. The nut cracker WAL MAN small is ideal for small households or fruit farmers with small quantities of nuts. For an optimal cracking result, the nuts should be pre-sorted into 3 sizes. Very clean cracking result (walnut: 10 – 15 % half cores and with very good quality of the nuts 20 – 40 % half cores; Hazelnut: 70 – 80 % whole cores)
Nut cracker Micro
Cracking of up to 30 kg/h
The Nut cracker Micro is a machine for cracking walnuts with a 38 l storage tank and a performance of 30 kg/h. It is distinguished by its low weight and dimensions and its easy handling. A pre-calibration is necessary to achieve an optimal result. The Nut cracker Micro can also be combined with a blower for shell removal.
Nut cracker Junior
Cracking of up to 100 kg/h
The Nut cracker Junior is a machine for cracking walnuts with a 300 l storage tank and a performance of 100 kg/h. A pre-calibration is necessary in order to achieve an optimal result. For additional shell removal, the Nut cracker Junior can be combined with the Blower 400 or 800.