High grass mowing with John Deere

High grass mowing with John Deere is possible with grass conditions of more than 100 cm in height. With the new Feucht mowing decks for John Deere, you get an optimal shredding and distribution of the mown material.

High grass mowing with John Deere from Feucht Obsttechnik

The mowing deck for various John Deere tractors.

Profit from the benefits of our high grass mowing technology with John Deere: The mowing (high grass mowing with John Deere) of trees is possible on the left or right via a rear discharge, and there is no problem with stone chipping, because the discharge goes towards the back. The mowing quality and cutting with our high grass mowing technology for John Deere is very clean with short as well as long grass, and the cutting deck cannot clog because it is impervious to rain or moisture. With our high grass mowing technology, even extremely fast mowing speeds are possible (up to 7 – 8 km for the X300 – 540 and 10 – 12 km for the X700) and the mulch length is between 3 – 5 cm. High grass mowing with John Deere is, for example, possible in fruit gardens, meadows, extensively used lawns, Christmas tree farms, vineyards, or grass fields.

Our high grass mowing technology enables mulching (high grass mowing with John Deere) of extremely high grass conditions through the specially developed “double mulch blades” of the Feucht mowing decks. The optimal shredding and distribution accelerate the decay of the mown material.

We have been working in the field of fruit harvesting technology for several generations. The streamlining of fruit harvesting with the highest quality demands on the harvested fruit in terms of cleanliness and picking rate has become the selling point of our equipment for fruit harvesting. By continuously developing innovative products, we have established ourselves as the market leader in fruit harvesting technology in Europe.

High grass mowing with John Deere from Feucht Obsttechnik

Our range of products in the area of high grass mowing with John Deere includes:

Mowers for John Deere tractors
High grass mowing for various John Deere tractor types
The mowing decks for John Deere are distinguished by a low need for power, high mowing speed, the best cutting pattern, and a very good distribution of the cuttings.
Between axle mowing deck
High grass mowing in the between axle attachment
This high grass mower is attached between the axles of lawn tractors. The mower is supported by the tractor and ensures the distance to the ground remains constant.
Mower in the front mount CAT O
High grass mowing using the front mount
The mowing deck front mount CAT 0 is suitable for traditional compact tractors. The front-mounted mower is attached to the front of the tractor and thus enables mowing of grass crops up to 100 cm.