Fruit sorting / Fruit cleaning for juice fruit

By using our fruit sorting trolleys and fruit cleaning trolleys you can gently separate good fruit from rotten fruit with minimum effort and separate the grass and leaves.

Fruit sorting / fruit cleaning for juice fruit from Feucht Obsttechnik

For perfect picking and sorting of the fruit harvesting.

Our fruit sorting trolleys and fruit cleaning trolleys are suitable for sorting apples, pears and other fallen fruit for use in fruit orchards. Efficient sorting of the fruit can increase the success of the fruit harvest. 1 to 4 employees can easily perform the work on the conveyor belt.

The work principle of the fruit sorting trolleys and fruit cleaning trolleys is extremely simple: The collected fruit are transported from a large bunker via a conveyor belt, whereby between 1 and 4 employees can sort the fruit. Via a sieve grating, which separates grass and leaves from the fruit, the fruit goes onto a further conveyor belt into the respective collecting vessel (large crate) or directly into the trailer (up to 2.6 m in height).

We have been active in the area of fruit harvesting technology for several generations. Streamlining of fruit harvesting with the highest quality requirements for the harvested fruit in terms of cleanliness and picking rate has become the selling point of our machines. By constantly developing innovative products in fruit harvesting technology (fruit sorting trolleys / fruit cleaning trolleys), whereby the customer is always the focus of our activities, we have established ourselves as the market leader in this field in Europe.

Fruit sorting / fruit cleaning from Feucht Obsttechnik

Our devices for fruit sorting / fruit cleaning:

Fruit cleaning trolleys / fruit sorting trolleys
The fruit cleaning trolley FCK is the smallest of our fruit sorting trolleys. With a bunker volume of 620 l, up to 2 tonnes can be sorted per hour via the sorting trolley. Thanks to its compact size and weight, it can be operated without a separate drive. The fruit cleaning trolley FCK is available with a trailer for the OB 70 R, OB 80 R, or OB 100 A. The sorting trolley is the most inexpensive and most economical version of our fruit cleaning trolleys.
Fruit cleaning trolleys / fruit sorting trolleys
The FCS fruit sorting trolley can pick and sort up to 3 tonnes of fruit per hour with a bunker capacity of 620 l. The powerful sorting trolley is driven by the tractor hydraulics. The speed of the conveyor belt can also be adjusted via a flow control valve.
Obstreinigungswagen / Obstsortierwagen
The FC fruit sorting trolley is ideal for professional plantation owners or fruit farmers with large orchards. The fruit cleaning trolley is equipped with a conveyor belt and a large bunker. In addition, the trolley can be aligned by using a hydraulic support leg. Grass and leaves can be separated from the fruit by using a sieve grating. The rotten fruit can easily be separated from the high-quality fruit in 2 specially designed baskets.