Cable shaker

Our cable shaker achieves a noticeable increase in shaking performance and this in turn means a significant reduction in harvesting costs.

Cable shaker / Fruit shaker from Feucht Obsttechnik

Using the cable shaker / fruit shaker you can reduce the time needed by 30 %.

To pick up the juice fruit with a fruit picking machine, it must be shaken. This activity is particularly time-consuming and exhausting when done by hand. In order to adapt the shaking of the trees to the harvest performance of the picking machines, apples, pears, plums, cherries, walnuts and other fallen fruit can be shaken from the tree quickly and effortlessly with our cable shaker. The procurement of the very inexpensive and robust cable shaker is certainly worthwhile even for farmers who own only a few fruit trees. The cable shaker has been on the market for over 20 years and more than 5,500 units have been sold so far.

The fruit shaker OS is a 3-point cable shaker. It is attached in the front or the rear on the tractor and driven via the PTO shaft. The 54 kg cable shaker is normally equipped with a 10 metre steel cable that is hooked into the main branches of the treetop. The cable is then tensioned and the shaking process can begin with the cable shaker. Handling the cable shaker is easy to learn.

Cable shaker / fruit shaker from Feucht Obsttechnik

Our cable shaker / fruit shaker:

Cable shaker for high-trunk trees (fruit shaker)
Cable shaker
Simple operation, variability, and price performance come together. The OS fruit shaker not only shakes particularly efficiently due to the pulling movement of the cable, but is also very gentle on the trunk due to the fastening strap. With the optional telescopic rod, branches up to 6 m can be shaken, which otherwise could only be reached with a ladder. The optional cable pulley can be used to shake up to 2 trees at the same time in intensive juice fruit orchards. The tractor must have at least 15 PS.