Apple harvesting machines

With our apple harvesting machines, you will clearly increase your productivity and profitability in the short juice fruit harvesting season.

Apple harvesting machines from Feucht Obsttechnik

Achieve quality results in fruit harvesting and reduce harvesting costs.

Our apple harvesting machines are suitable for picking and sorting apples, pears, walnuts, and more. Fallen fruit for use in the fruit industry as well as on plantations, even under the most extreme conditions (moisture, mulch grass, high grass, leaves). According to the conditions of use and the fruit density, the self-driving apple harvesting machines transport between 1 and 8 tonnes of fruit into the collecting vessel per hour.

The work principle of the apple harvesting machines is extremely simple: One roller, supplied with rubber lamellas, takes the fruit from the ground and transports it along a guided trajectory into the collecting vessel. On the way there, the fruit passes through a sophisticated cleaning system and is taken up without contamination.

We have been active in the area of fruit harvesting technology for several generations. Streamlining fruit harvesting with the highest quality demands on the harvested fruit with regard to cleanliness and picking rate has become the sales argument of our machines for apple harvesting.

Machines for apple harvesting from Feucht Obsttechnik

We offer numerous apple harvesting machines adapted to your requirements:


Apple harvesting machine
The Rollblitz is a tool for the collecting of ball-shaped objects (fruit, nuts, balls, etc.).
OB 40

Electric apple harvesting machine with 40 cm work width
The electric OB 40 is an apple harvesting machine with an electric motor and battery drive. It enables smaller orchards to be managed emission-free and with low noise levels.
OB 50 / OB 70

Apple harvesting machine with 50 / 70 cm work width

These are the smallest and most affordable motor-driven apple harvesting machines worldwide and are distinguished by easy manoeuvrability and very good fruit quality in the harvest.
OB 80 Hydro

Apple harvesting machine with 80 cm work width
The motor-driven apple harvesting machine OB 80 Hydro is distinguished by its continuous hydraulic drive with differential lock and by its integrated steering, slope suitability up to 45°.
OB 70 R

Apple harvesting machine with 70 cm work width
The motor-driven apple harvesting machine OB 70 R is distinguished by its comfortable and easy handling. This is the smallest of our machines for picking up and with a bunker for emptying from on high.
OB 80 R

Apple harvesting machine with 80 cm work width
The self-driving ride-on apple harvesting machine OB 80 R offers maximum comfort thanks to its particularly smooth fully hydraulic steering and is distinguished by 7-stage cleaning.
OB 100 A

Apple harvesting machine with 100 cm work width
The self-driving ride-on apple harvesting machine OB 100 A is distinguished by its three-wheel drive for fruit intake even in extreme slope situations and by its 7-stage cleaning. The OB 100 A is a bunker machine for high-trunk sites and available as a large crate machine for dessert fruit sites.
OB 80 R / OB 100 A

Large crate / Large crate trolley
Apple harvesting machine
With the apple harvesting machine OB 80 R or OB 100 A, you can pick and sort into special large crates. Harvesting with large crates is very cost-effective, because a large amount of fruit can pick and sort without having to empty from the system.